Everybody desires to have Clear and flawless skin and quite rightfully so! Where everyone wants to be ‘selfie-ready’ all the time because we live in this age? Unfortunately, anyone of any age can get acne. They can be the most annoying thing ever, especially if you don’t know how to get rid of them. Are you one of that girl that is in a constant battle with acne? You attempted everything but your skin still isn’t clean? Feeling miserable due to your appearance? Don’t worry! We have a solution.

What Causes Acne? Pimples happened when follicles get blocked and there is oil build-up under the skin. This oil build up can be caused to the skin producing excessive sebum or due to the external application of heavy products on the skin. Insist on excessive oil, hormonal factors contribute to acne as well, since a rise in hormones increases the level of sebum. Acne is a very common problem, especially as an Indian consumer. Many reasons for acne are, ranging from hereditary causes, stress, anxiety, hormones, humidity as well as lots of use of oil-based products on the skin. Still, with the right care, acne can be brought under control. We brought expert tricks and tips to get the radiant, clear face skin you’ve always dreamed about.

The Peachtree Clinic Solution

At Peachtree, we understand that every individual is different and the reason for their acne can be different. Hence, we have the Laser Treatment which not only helps in treating acne but also is useful in controlling the same in the future. The treatment starts with our specialist examining your skin as well as health, to conclude what course of treatment you need.

•Don’t touch your face:

Frequently Touching or rubbing your face at zits only introduces more foreign bacteria, which increases the likelihood of acne and breakouts.

•Don’t pop your pimples:

There’s a right way to squeeze your pimples if they look ripe for the popping, but more often than not, you’re better off leaving that pimple separate and allowing it to go through its own life-cycle. Appearing incorrectly will only spread more bacteria and create scars. Definitely, do not pop cystic acne.

•Change out your pillowcase regularly:

Think about all the oil, sweat and drool that take place on your pillowcase. Then think about how much time your face actually expands on your pillowcase. Rather, you can switch out clean towels onto your pillow every night.

•Drink plenty of water:

Water holds you hydrated from the inside out and helps your body shed dead skin cells more efficiently. It is a good idea for your overall health. The common rule is 8 cups of water a day, but you can generally get by if you drink one cup of water with every meal and then water whenever you are thirsty throughout the day.

Based on this, treatment is recommended which can be a combination of Chemical peels, medications and other required services. It is followed by a suitable diet, along with a list of do’s and don't that keep acne at bay in the longer run. So get ready to say goodbye to acne forever and book an appointment at Peachtree Clinic today.

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