Liposhifting is a new development in the field of cosmetic Non-surgery that allows fat transfer without removing the fat from the body. The procedure utilizes a new instrument similar to a miniature cheese grater, and unbelievably functions like one too. The tool is called a Micro Graft Fat Cutter (MGFC) and it comes in three different diameters for different body areas.

How Does It Work?

The concept of MGFC is rather simple. A patient may have an indentation in the skin whether from a past injury or a previous liposuction surgery imperfection or just some irregularities that has developed over time. Earlier for such imperfections fat was harvested from one location and injected into the injured location. But now with the MGFC, fat can be broken down and pushed over to the area to be filled. The head of the MGFC has tiny holes all through it when moved around in a fat pocket act as blades to separate the fat. The broken down fat is then released back into the body through the larger hole located at the bottom of the head of the unit.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Liposhifting?

The liposhifting procedure is ideally performed in the legs or buttocks area since there is usually a readily available supply of fat pockets. Liposhifting is not suited for areas like the breast or face, or any place where there is no nearby fat pocket and in such cases, a traditional fat transfer is still the best method.